Faculty of Computer Sciences

During the study, the students are offered all necessary information and knowledge both in theory and practice. This enables students to develop large and small projects in every company, domestic or foreign, and make them able to continue master studies in country or abroad.
In the first year of studies students will be able familiar with:
•    Basics of programming, Software Engineering, Network Technologies, Database, Web programming
In the second year of studies students will understand:
•    Sensors and Interfaces, Object oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence etc.
In the third year of studies students will be able to be specialized in one of selected major field (software engineering, network communication, telecommunication and information technology, mechatronics) and to write Standalone applications.


1)    To provide students with a solid background in the theory and the fundamental concepts in Programming, Software and Systems Engineering, Database and Information Systems as well as Web Application Development, Network design and Security , Distributed Systems, Telecommunication and Mechatronics.
2)    To prepare students for the industry market as well as for further master studies.
3)    To promote a new approach of studies based on collaboration and partnership with top international institutions in this field in country at abroad.
4)    To exchange experience internationally and be continuously updated on developments in the already mentioned fields.

Learning outcomes for the Bachelor program

By successful completion of the Faculty of Computer Science, students will be able to:
•    Resolve complex problems, with a special focus on the fields of Algorithms, Software engineering, Database, Web Application, Network Communication and Automation of processes.
•    Possess excellence-based education and the highest academic and ethical standards nationally and internationally.
•    Be competitive in the industrial and technological environment, becoming a part of economic development in the country and the region.  
•    Practice innovative and research learning, encouraging scientific and technological development, and make Kosovo a competitor in the international scene.
•    Possess, recognize and strengthen individual skills and improve capacities simultaneously in theoretical and practical dimensions.  
•    Develop a working culture in team modes, making them able to be part of modern processes and trends in the world.
•    Compete in very rapidly developing global markets as an individual or a part of an organization.
•    Effectively cope with challenges and changes to labour demography trends.