About us

Brief History

AAB was established in 2002
It is the largest non-public higher education institution in Kosovo and in the region of South East Europe with campuses in the capital city of Prishtina and in Gjakova and Ferizaj (two larger towns of Kosovo).
Over 12 000 full-time and part-time students, over 4000 enrolled for the first time only in the 2012-2013 academic year in bachelor and master study programs in all three campuses.
Over 400 teaching and research staff and student / teacher ratio of 28:1 despite the fact that study programs are predominantly in the social and human studies. 
17 bachelor and 8 master programs (see the full list below); 3 PhD programmes in the process of accreditation;
Six scientific research centers (See the full list below); 
Central University Library in the Prishtina campus and its branches in Gjakova and Ferizaj with a total of over 20000 library units - with lists of units supplied and updated based on course syllabi every semester.
There are three central reading rooms with over 250 meters2 and 70 seats in each and smaller reading rooms in every faculty; AAB students have access to various electronic libraries and resources, such as EBSCO, OECD, J-store, Oxford Journals, Cambridge Journals, etc.
Over 4000 graduates in a decade of quick development (over 2000 expected to graduate only in the 2012 – 2013 academic year)
Over 74 % employability of graduates
Our Alumni Office conducts regular research. The most recent one tells that 74 % of our graduates were employed within a year after their graduation at AAB. This percentage is more important especially having in mind the high (over 40 %) unemployment rates in Kosovo.